Resources For Jewish or Interfaith Weddings



Don't wait until the last minute to hire an officiant for your wedding.  The officiant is perhaps the most important part of your wedding...after all without them, you are not married.  So take your time.  Find someone you like who will listen to your ideas and suggest creative rituals for your wedding ceremony.  Book them early and use the resources they have available to you.


Diamant, Anita. The Jewish Wedding Now. 2017, available on Amazon

Kaplan-Mayer, Gabrielle.  The Creative Jewish Wedding Book,  2009, available on Amazon

Olitzsky, Kerry.  Making a Successful Interfaith Marriage. 2002, available on Amazon

Syme, Daniel. The Jewish Home: A Guide for Jewish Living, 2017, available on Amazon

Changing Your Name After the Wedding

Social Security Card (often you need to change your Social Security card before you can change your Driver's License)

Driver's License (check your state's Office of Motor Vehicles for particulars.  Many states require that you appear in person.  You may need your new social security card, your old license, a certified copy of your marriage license, a bill with your name that shows proof of residence and you will need to get a whole new driver's license - new picture, new payment, etc.)