Photo by Charles Ward

"My job as a Rabbi is to bring people closer to be an extension of be with people in their happiness and in their sadness."

Prayer: An Alphabet of Hope

Today, we were Ashamed to be Americans.
We must Banish hate and ignorance.
We must Create a better world.
We must Demand order and peace in our country.
We must Earn back respect.
We must Fight for justice for all.
We must Gather as one people.
We must Hope for a better future.
We must Illuminate a brighter path.
We must find Joy in our hearts.
We must Keep our sacred faith.
We must Learn to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.
We must Model kindness and compassion.
We must Nourish our souls with love.
We must Obey the laws of the land.
We must Pray for unity and understanding.
We must Quest for equality.
We must Repair the damage.
We must Seize back our honor.
We must Try to see the Truth.
We must Undo the wrongs.
We must Value what we have been given.
We must Work for justice and fairness for all.
We must get e Xcited about the future.
We must Yearn for better times.
We must have Zeal for what lies ahead.

Tomorrow, let us wake to a world reborn, a world we can be proud of, where every member of society contributes to the greater good of all humankind. Where we will no longer hang our heads in shame, but rise with pride; and with faith and the promise of hope in our hearts, begin to help repair our broken world. Chein y’hi ratzon…. May it be God’s will.  Amen.

copyright, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, January 6, 2021